Sween Cream®<br> with Natural Vitamins A & D

The four non-occlusive moisturizers and natural vitamins A&D, immediately help restore dry, fragile skin that's at risk for cracking, especially around contact points like heels and elbows. Non-occlusive formula absorbs quickly into the skin and will not interfere with the adhesion of tape or ostomy appliances.

Indications: Use Sween Cream® for: Cracked and flaky dry skin; Red skin due to minor burns; Radiation/chemotherapy skin reactions; Peri-wound skin; Perineal Erythema; Surgical incisions - reduces itching and pulling discomfort; Relieves itching under tape; Callouses; Any reddended skin

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Sween Cream®
3 oz. (85 g) tube

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Sween Cream®
6.5 oz. (184) tube

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Sween Cream®
12 oz. (339) jar

Product Code: 7069$15.99